MVSD Directory 2016 - 2017

This online Directory is provided to MVSD District parents and guardians, as an alternative to the printed Directory. To do this safely, we have adopted the following guidelines:
  • To protect family privacy, use of the Directory is limited to MVSD District family members for personal use only. Use of this information for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The Mill Valley School District will prosecute violators of this policy.

  • Users must log in to use the site.

  • To protect student privacy, reduced student information is listed on this web site versus the printed version.

  • Privacy preferences submitted for the printed Directory are maintained for the online version

  • Families that appear in the Directory have explictly opted in. Families who have not responded to our update request appear as "Unpublished". In this case, last name is listed, but no other family or student information is provided.

  • Families may opt out from having their information appear in this online system at any time. In this case, family information is not listed in any way, either as a family or in the student class listings.

  • To prevent abuse, there is a limit of 30 family records that may be viewed by a user each day (midnight to midnight). Unlimited searches may be performed to find a family or student. Once found, clicking on a family or student record which displays personal contact information counts as one "view". A counter displays how many views are remaining for that day. When the limit is exceeded, a warning message appears. The intent of this feature is to eliminate the harvesting of personal information for other than normal day-to-day needs.

  • Web site is monitored 24/7 by automated systems that alert us of potential abuse issues.

  • The online web site uses industry standard security measures.

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